Recognized Experts in SAP SCM area

About Us

Lomansys is founded by recognized experts and ex-SAP employees.

Lomansys Partners strongly participated in development, and definition of SAP TM and SAP EM.

Our Team

Lomansys focuses on supply chain solutions including supply chain management, transportation management  and extended warehouse management implementation projects.


Business process management is the expression of your strategies and how your company delivers value to your customers in line with its strategies. We help our clients to define their business process management methodology and build related performance management systems and organizational design needs. We deliver process improvement opportunities, system requirements, people needs and help you to build your company’s future.


Commercial transportation has become an extremely complex process involving worldwide networks of shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) moving raw materials, parts, and finished goods along global supply chains. This, combined with ever increasing demands from customers for greater transportation efficiency, requires greater accuracy, speed, and flexibility to manage all the complexity.


The SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) application helps organizations achieve superior customer satisfaction levels by delivering the order on-time, reduce transportation costs, and improve logistics readiness, flexibility, and efficiency. SAP TM supports integrated storage, fulfillment, and transportation processes with no data redundancy and reduced integration risk with other SAP components. SAP TM enables you to manage all inbound and outbound domestic and international freight in the same environment and provides traceability and visibility of orders, shipments and items. SAP TM also offers tools for reporting and analysis, and supports regulatory compliance.


Lomansys has experienced consultants with deep business expertise providing management consultancy service to analyze all company processes and build target process models. While analyzing business process models, our consultants understand strategy, works on inefficiences in all aspects and build solutions for our clients challanges. Organizational models, headcount analysis and performance managements systems are next services we provide to build an efficient working environment.


Our Vision

Lomansys is aiming to be a globally well-known SAP SCM/TM solution partner who offers customers standard SAP TM implementations and developments where standards are lacking.

Our History

Lomansys was founded in 2011 by a former SAP AG Transportation Management Solution Architect who has taken part in all SAP TM product development lifecycle processes since the first day of TM conceptual idea started. Upon Leaving SAP AG, founder of the company has been involved in the pioneer TM Projects globally and he was succeeded in to Go-live with first TM8.0 Project ever world-wide as the TM Project Lead and Development Angel.

Our Philosophy

People are our primary resources; that is why we constantly invest in their training, involving them in the design of specific development programs at all levels.

Customers are always at the center of our business; that is why we are constantly on the move, continually exploring new and different avenues in order to better meet the needs of our customers.

We deliver end-to-end SAP TM business solution right from conceptualization to implementation which correlate with your business objectives and focus on enhancing your transportation productivity and reducing your transportation costs. With in-depth industry experience, business insight, we want to help you make the correct technology investments which are maximizing your transportation business performance.

Management Team


Managing Partner and Co-Owner

Soner is a well-recognized and multidisciplinary SAP TM expert and co-founder of Lomansys. He has implemented 6 SAP TM projects with his company and he has also supported more than 10 SAP TM projects with other implementation partners globally. He is a master both in technical and functional aspects of SAP TM. He is well known in quickly capturing supply chain business needs and addressing required solutions in many industry areas.


He started his career at SAP AG, Germany in 2002 and he worked on SAP TM product development from the initial day of September 2005. He had key roles in the SAP TM product development process as Development Architect and Project Manager at SAP AG. In 2012, he founded his own company and started implementing and participating many SAP TM Projects with Lomansys Team. Soner has key roles in these SAP TM projects to design and map system architecture, provide expert consulting services, develop complex solutions, manage projects & teams and facilitate workshops.


Currently, with his team, he is providing high qualified and innovative SAP TM consultancy services worldwide.

<u>Soner TÜRKYÜCEL</u>

Greg Konieczka

Managing Partner and Co-Owner

Greg is a recognized Senior Solution Architect in the area of SAP Transportation Management and Event Management. He has worked for 11 years at SAP collaborating very closely with development teams of SAP TM and EM, as well as Field Services participating and leading customer implementations. Greg has worked with both products for more than 12 years and supported multiple customers across the world in various industry verticals such as Logistic Service Providers, Chemicals, CPG, Pharma and Retail.


Greg has broad business knowledge in the area of Supply Chain combined with excellent functional and superior technical skills. He has been actively participating in the definition of new requirements for SAP TM.


Greg was appointed as SAP EM Champion to review, advise or redesign most complex SAP EM implementations while working at SAP. Greg developed specific tools to migrate and auto-correct architectural mistakes made in EM implementations that were used by multiple customers.


Greg is very passionate about IoT, Digital Supply Chain, S4/HANA, and continuously works on improving his skills in order to support his customers in the best possible way.


Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to Greg hence his proven long term rewarding customer relationships and returning clients.

<u>Greg Konieczka</u>